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How To Own Your Own Business

I recently sat down for an interview with solar water heater jacksonville about their recent success in the renewable energy industry. I asked the owner, Chaz, about how he came to be the successful business owner that he is today, our interview is as follows:

Bruce: “I’d like to thank you for taking the time to sit down with me.”

Chaz: “Of course, I frequent¬†and am a huge fan of your work.”

B: “So, let’s talk today about how Solar Jacksonville came to be where it is today.”

C: “Sure, sure, what would you like to know?”



Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook by Gary Vaynerchuk takes down a long, winding path of the nuances within social media marketing, and how so many fortune 500 companies are doing their marketing wrong.

Gary Vee laments for 180 textbook-like pages on just how jacked up the social media game is for most of these companies. And actually, we aren’t even talking fortune 500s, Gary references plenty of local mom and pop shops throughout the book while highlighting what should be copied, and what should be avoided in a social media campaign.

Gary’s biggest points that he hammers on throughout the book are these: The usage of native content, and the usage of logos.

“What’s native content, Bruce?”

Native content, as described by Gary, is understanding a given social platform, and producing content the lines up with what that platform uses most. For example, YouTube is a video sharing platform, the native content there might be a quick video of your eden prairie cell phone repair shop repairing a cracked screen and giving tips to the people of Eden Prairie. Whereas, posting that same video on your instagram may not be the wisest choice, as exciting, interesting pictures are the native content for instagram.

“Usage of logos, whatcha talkin’ ’bout, Willis?” (see what I did there? Willis… Bruce… Bruce Willis…

Not funny…? Sorry.

Usage of logos: So many brands run advertisements and use a picture that doesn’t pop, doesn’t have a clear call to action, and doesn’t have a logo. You may think the logo doesn’t matter, well, you’re wrong.

When someone’s flying through their newsfeed at lightspeed, you need a logo in there on in image, no matter what. Otherwise, they’re aren’t going to immediately recognize what the image is, and they’ll keep scrolling. Annnnnnnnnd BOOM, your ad dollars are gone. Because the “impression” was made… Until it wasn’t.

Catching my drift?

Go pick yourself up a copy of JJJRH, and learn yourself some social media marketing skills. Even if you feel you’ll never use those skills in your life, just pick the book up.

Don’t be a crook, pick up a book.



Greatest Salesman in the world review OG Mandino

OG Mandino takes us on a tour through the ancient middle East where you’re protagonist, Hafid, is on a quest to find the greatest salesman in the world.

He stumbles across the ten scrolls that teach one how to become the greatest salesman in the world. These scrolls, which Mandino admonishes readers to read daily for one full month, multiple times a day, diagram the way successful salesmen and business professionals live their day to day lives.

The scrolls are amazing, quite honestly. They talk about everything from how to manage the empathy you feel for others, to how to become a slave to good, positive habits. This book is absolutely sensational, and it leaves no wonder why Mandino is still selling copies of this 50 years after it was first published (1966).

Get this book ASAP. It’s an incredibly quick read and is only about 90 pages or so, yet it will change your life, guaranteed.


Checking back in

Been awhile since I posted.

Things have been going well lately, business is booming. I recently used a limousine service out of Minneapolis. It was actually ridiculously easy to find them – all I had to do was use the search term ‘limo rental mn‘ and they were there in a heart beat. What great guys. I tell ya.


More Cardone – Sell or be sold

Finishing up Grant’s book “Sell or be sold”. Man, his stuff is powerful. Grant rifles through how to handle objections, influence people, and ultimately increase your bank account.
Success Building Blocks

I’m of course listening to the audio book. Which brings me to the topic of integration.

One of the inherent skills of a multi-millionaire is the ability to multitask and life an integrative lifestyle.

For example, I go for runs while listening to Grant’s books. I do a set of 20 push-ups in between writing paragraphs on my blog posts. I’m not trying to pat myself on the back by any means – simply giving insight and examples as to living integrated. One of my mentors, Dan Klein, had a great interview on this subject as well, check it out below.

Episode 96: Dan Klein of



Grant Cardone 10X Review

Just read (listened to) 10X Rule by Grant Cardone. While this isn’t a book reviewing site, I want to take some time to talk about some key components that Grant hit on throughout the book.

The overarching thesis of the book is this: Massive levels of action

Good things come to those who are out there busting down doors each and every second of the day. Cardone chronicles his path to success, and all the action that it took. I don’t want to divulge too much juicy info, but would strongly suggest getting out there and buying yourself a copy. Life-changing info.

See you soon!



The biggest key to success


After listening to thousands of hours of audio, having read tens and tens of thousands of pages, sifting through countless articles about success and their keys – there’s one mercurial trend I’ve noticed across the board. One seemingly simple thing that almost every millionaire does without exception. As a child, you probably hated this task, and your mother would most likely force you to do it each and every day.

What am I talking about?

Making your bed.

It sounds silly, it sounds trivial, but every single millionaire that I’ve listened to or interviewed does this each and every morning.

It’s a self-discipline thing more than anything. A constant reminder each and every day that starts your day off the right way, feeling organized and ready to tackle anything.

If you’re willing to do this small task each and every morning after waking up (notice how I said ‘morning’, mid-afternoon-sleeping teenagers) you will undoubtedly start creating disciplined practices within your own life, and will unquestionably reap the benefits.

Check back in for another great tip tomorrow!



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